The Top Most Valuable Comic Books Out There

The Top Most Valuable Comic Books Out There

Just like sports cards and Pokemon cards, comic books also occupy a big interest in the collectibles department which can be quite lucrative for collectors that have highly sought after items. The comics of superheroes making their debut in the “Golden Age” which spanned from the 1930s to the late 1950s have become billion-dollar companies today. But, for a comic book to sell for tens of thousands of dollars, it has to be in near-mint or better condition. In this article, were going to talk about the top most valuable comic books out there that are worth a fortune.

Most Valuable Comic Books Of All Times

1. Captain America #1

This comic introduced the World War 2 iconic superhero Captain America. His ally Bucky Barnes was also introduced in this comic. The story goes like a brave, patriotic young weakling is injected with a high power serum which provided the youngster supernatural strength and made him into a Nazi fighting machine. The captive storyline is what makes this series popular and one of the most valuable comic books till now. Moreover, the CGC certified Near-Mint value of this comic book is $353,000.

2. Action Comics #1

This Comic book is officially the most valuable comic book in the world selling for $3.2 million on eBay. This is the first issue that introduced Superman to the world. The comic originally sold for 10 cents. The first 13 pages of this comic describe Superman’s history and early adventures. Again, the next part contains 10 more features. This comic had a print run of 200,00 copies.

3. Detective Comics #27

The current market value of this comic book is $2,220,000. The issue date is May 1939. The longest published comic in U.S history is the detective comics. Batman makes his first appearance in this comic and his first story is “ The Case of the Chemical Syndicate”. The first appearance of Batman is likely the reason for this comic to be one of the most valuable comic books of all time.

4. Superman #1

Though Superman is introduced in the Action Comics #1 comic, this is the first Superman comic book. The daring exploits of Superman is present in this complete series. Issued in summer 1939, the current market price of this masterpiece is $731,000.

5. Marvel Comics #1

This is the first ever Marvel comic book. The issue of this comic book also introduced Carl Burgos’ android superhero, the Human Torch. Ironman had his first appearance later along the years. This comic was published on November 10, 1939, and quickly became one of the best and most popular comic books of all time.

6. Detective Comics #1

Writer E.C Stoner published the first Detective Comics in March 1937. The 27th series of this the comic introduces Batman. The value of this comic book currently is $541,000.

7. All-American Comics #16

Green Lantern was introduced in this series. Issued in July 1949, this is one of the most valuable comic books to date with a market value of $492,000.

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