PGX Or CGC: Which One Is Better?

PGX Or CGC: Which One Is Better?

Comic books have taken the world by storm. While the rare comic books are being sold for millions, they needed to be graded at least a Near-mint to be worth that amount. The three main companies that grade or slab comic books are CGC, CBCS, and PGX. Each grading company has its supporters. The oldest comic book grading company is CGC which was established in 2000. PGX entered the market slightly after in 2002. CBCX joined the comic book grading club recently in 2014. So, there is an ongoing debate about which grading company, CGC or PGX is better. Here, we're going to discuss this topic.



CGC is arguably the most trusted company. And, it was also the premier book company for the longest time. They add a variety of labels like signature series, restored, etc. and they meet the condition of the books. Their product quality is great which makes them have a strong standing positive reputation.

CGC brings in more money while you’re selling your comic books. The cost of a CGC graded comic book is even higher than higher grades of other companies. Moreover, drying and pressing. CGC takes comparatively more a longer amount of time, costs more, and sells for a lot more than books graded from other companies. The resell rate of CGC is very high.


Now, when it comes to PGX or CGC, CGC is a whole lot better. Both for high prices and good reputation. There was a rumor or innuendo that PGX was overgrading their comic books. Many people have this experience with PGX overgrading their comics. Moreover, recently PGX had the scandal of slabbing a Walking Dead #1 museum edition that turned out to be a counterfeit. Tho there is no such thing as a museum edition, they’re all fake. Still now they slab these naming them counterfeits. As a result of all these, PGX’s reputation has become the worst. PGX recently fired all its staff and now has only one employee that does everything. The worst part of all is that PGX books sell lower than even ungraded books.

If we’re not talking about CGC or PGX, CBCS, though new, is actually a quite reputable comic book grading company. It's both cheaper and faster than CGC. But, the resell value is not that high. Apart from resale value, their reputation is high and they also grade comic books stricter than CGC. Now, while we're talking about PGX or CGC, people don't grade through PGX at all for if their comic book prices decrease.

Our opinion is to spend a little more money and grade your comics through CGC. You can also grade through CBCS. Both, have been loved by customers and comic book collectors. But, it is safer to go with CGC. And, if you cant go with CGC, then it is better to not grade it at all than grade it through PGX. We hope this article was helpful for you and we wish you the best of luck on your comic grading journey.

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